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No matter how successful the implementation of a project, there are times when repairs or hot-swaps become necessary. The key to successful on-site repairs is getting the “right” technician with the “right” skill-set to the “right” job site in order to perform the “right” repair as quickly as possible. The Project Managers and Dispatchers for ARS Services recognize the urgency to on-site repair requests so that the “right” solution is implemented quickly – providing everyone involved with the assurance that problems are resolved and systems are operating as designed.


A key component to the success of any on-site repairs involves the coordination or timing of matching the technician’s arrival at the site with the shipment of parts in transit. ARS work orders are dispatched and received electronically. The ARS state-of-the-art dispatch board monitors where the technicians are located at any given time and can provide real-time data, to and from the field in order to insure everything and everyone comes together at the right point of space at the right time.