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Nationwide On-site Support Services

  • Serving Retail Stores & Pharmacies

    ARS Services is an established, nationwide service organization with 20 years experience in providing reliable and quality service to the photo industry. By expanding its focus outside the traditional photo-business service business, ARS has been able to transform its managed-style of technical service to effectively provide technical expertise into the rapidly growing industry of self-service kiosks and digital signage.

  • Serving Banks/Financial Institutions

    By breaking the mold of a strictly contractor-based service industry, ARS has successfully demonstrated the strengths a managed and trained technical service organization can bring to an industry that is heavily dependant on technical support for the installation of new equipment and for up-dates or repairs of older equipment.

  • Serving Physician Offices and many more!

    In addition to Technical Service, ARS also manufactures a line of silver recovery products in support of the photo industry. These products, including patented products such as the Turbit® Miner and Crystal Clear™ lines of silver recovery canisters, have been established to be the industry leaders for silver recovery products in the photo industry.

ARS Services

ARS Services provides nationwide on-site support services for :

Project Management

Project Management is the carefully planned and organized effort to accomplish a specific objective. For example, the Project Manager will oversee and coordinate...

Retail Site Surveys/Inspections

Pre-installation Site Surveys and post-installation Inspections serve to bridge the gap between idea and implementation in all nationwide or regional projects.

Site Preparation Services - GC Work

Oftentimes, the project cannot begin to roll-out until basic site preparations are completed. These basics include but are not limited to:

Roll Out and Installation Services

Regardless if the project needs to be completed in one week or six months or if it is for one location or 10,000, ARS Services has the capabilities of meeting deadlines...

Technical Support Services

ARS Services LLC provides the best technical support for all our customers. We are ready and on the go to answer any question you might have regarding your projects...

On-Site Repairs

No matter how successful the implementation of a project, there are times when repairs or hot-swaps become necessary.

Preventative Maintenance

A greatly under-appreciated component of every successful field application is the on-going support of installed systems. Oftentimes, the ingrained assumption is...

Logistics & Reverse Services

With returns processing, companies often are caught in the crossfire of several critical decisions—decisions that could be costly to the bottom line. ARS Services will...

Photographic Silver Recovery

The ARS Services Silver Recovery Systems are the best value among available Silver Recovery Units. These durable systems require less maintenance. They are available...