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Letter From President of ARS

April 9, 2020

Message from the President:

It is a rare moment in history when a singular event captures the attention of the entire world. Occasionally, there have been times where people have gathered around their TVs, newspapers and Smartphones to focus on the details of a catastrophic event such as 9/11 but even though these times threatened to shatter the soul of a country, they were relatively short-lived. Yes, we all remember where we were when… but in general, life usually continued as before. There may have been changes we had to learn to live with such as long lines at security in airports that were not there prior to 9/11, but the daily comings and goings of society kept clicking by.

Marriages, babies being born, funerals, holiday celebrations and religious services are all family and community events that we rely on to bring people together in difficult times. Healing occurs in these gatherings. Life is put into perspective as we hug each other and share meals and good, quiet times together.

Now, separation is the rule of the land. An invader of the worse kind has attacked the entire world, tearing apart the very fabric that holds us together… families, communities and social gatherings. We are a species that thrives on community. Yes, we argue and find ways to divide ourselves along political, religious and even sport-team alliances, but within all that, we still strive for and build community wherever we go.

COVID-19 has changed this. It is a permanent change that is not just a short blurb in time but one that will affect how we congregate and commune from now on. There will be a built-in social-distancing engrained in our psyche well past the end of this virus. How we squeeze into a crowded room or public event will be more awkward and uncomfortable for most. Washing of hands and wearing of masks will become commonplace. The constant threat of what viruses are capable of doing is now burned into our consciousness, leaving a scar that will last for generations.

At ARS Services, we pride ourselves at being focused on how the success of our company is dependent upon the community attributes of teamwork and togetherness. It begins with developing a deep understanding of our customer’s needs and requirements. To meet these needs we then gather in a team setting to develop, manage and process the customer’s work requests to the best of our ability, recognizing that “we”, the team, the company and the customer, are “All in this together.”

Now one may think that the “We are all in this together” is a post-COVID-19 mindset. I agree that during and following the forced separations we have all had to endure, that this motto has developed as a method to overcome our feelings of isolation. However, at ARS, we developed the use of this axiom in our team meetings at the beginning of the year as an effort to bring focus on the importance of teamwork in order to achieve success in 2020. It was recognition that every member of a team plays a critically important role in order to achieve success… success in completing the work order request professionally and ensuring success as a company.

Currently, ARS team members are stretched around the country, each one working in their home offices, far apart from other team members. It is a situation in which most people in the country now find themselves. It is difficult to maintain a feeling of belonging when you are sitting in an office alone and the longer this “stay-at-home” policy remains in effect the greater the challenge to maintain a feeling of togetherness.

The good news comes in three parts. First, everyone in the country is facing the challenge of finding new ways to congregate and stay connected. We find ourselves in ZOOM conference calls and purposely reaching out to people in order to stay connected. What was once assumed is no longer taken for granted. We call one another for no other reason but to talk, touch base, and to express that we are still thinking of each other even though time of separation continues to slip by. There is a new awakening as to the importance of our community relations.

Second: “This too will pass.” The virus does not have a permanent choke hold on our countries economic prowess. Business will respond and rebound. It may take time but it will return.

And finally: “We will be Ready.” In one sense, it appears that we are growing stronger as a company through this forced isolation, being a bit more patient with one another and consciously valuing each other’s contribution and friendship.

As the president of ARS Services, I am proud of the efforts our employees have made during the Covid crisis. Each one has been involved in projects that will improve our teams’ abilities to respond and fulfill our customer’s requests. We are not simply sitting idly-by but are working to be prepared for the next work order and the next task we are asked to perform. At some point, hopefully sooner than later, the activities of our customers we support will begin anew. It may be a slow, methodical replenishment of the work pipeline of simple tasks to restore operations or a sudden gush of new challenges that are urgent in nature. ARS Services teams stand ready to respond.

We have developed new COVID-19 sanitary procedures that we plan to implement with every service call recognizing the assurance that our technicians are following these procedures is important to every person working in those locations.

During COVID-19 we have also worked to establish new areas of expertise and service. For instance, we have launched our newest company and website,

Taking our existing ability to integrate all aspects of a project’s needs from organizing installers, cablers, electricians and other technical needs in the IT industry, we now have the ability to apply these same capabilities in the developing and fast growing EV charging installation industry. The development of this importantly new infrastructure will take strong coordination and integration skills to successfully pull all aspects of purchasing, installing and maintaining EV charging stations together successfully.

We hope and pray that you, our customer has been able to stay safe and healthy during this crisis. We value the trust you have placed in ARS Services and stand ready to serve your needs wherever the project is located and no matter how complex it may be.

Thank you,

Gary Sims
ARS Services, LLC