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Face Mask Guidelines

Face Mask Guidelines for Field Employees

The CDC recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where social distancing measures may be difficult to maintain, like restaurants, retail stores and public areas. The purpose of this document is to provide specific guidelines around wearing face masks in our stores. While we understand that the transition to wearing face masks will take some getting used to, it is critical that we follow the CDC’s recommendations in order to continue caring for each other and our guests like family. Please review the following guidelines carefully and speak with ARS Services LLC by calling 505-821-1986 if you have any questions.


All employees, including those who do not come into direct contact with guests, must wear a face mask upon entering the store and for the entirety of their assignment and or location.

Employees may only remove their masks:
In the restroom or break room, provided that a minimum of 6 feet can be maintained between the employee and others.
After completing an assignment and or location and exiting the store.

We know that wearing a face mask presents certain challenges, including communicating clearly with both fellow employees and guests. When interacting with guests, especially those who may be hard of hearing, please take care to speak louder and slower than you typically would. Be patient if asked to repeat yourself.

Employees with health conditions that prevent them from wearing a face mask should speak with their manager.

Face Mask Protocol

Masks will be made available to you. However, if you prefer, you may use a mask of your choosing as long as it is brand appropriate (examples provided below).
Masks should fit snugly, covering both nose and mouth.
Avoid touching your face and/or mask. Remove mask by the ear ties/pieces rather than directly touching the facial covering.
Wash and clean cloth coverings after each use.
Disposable masks should be worn only once.

Examples of acceptable face coverings:

Examples of unacceptable face coverings:

· Solid colors

· Multi-color

· Patterns

· Sports team/University logos

· Cracker Barrel branded

· Words or messaging of any kind

· Patterns or images that could be considered offensive

· Skeleton or skull imagery

· Anything that may be construed as costume-like

Managers have the final say regarding what is and isn’t acceptable.

We appreciate your cooperation with these temporary guidelines and hope you understand the importance of following them to protect you, your co-workers and our guests. Thank you for all you do every day to carry out our mission of Pleasing People, even when it isn’t easy.

For more information about face coverings, please visit the CDC’s website at: