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ARS Building

ARS Building

ARS Services is an established, nationwide service organization with 20 years experience in providing reliable and quality service to the photo industry. By expanding its focus outside the traditional photo-business service business, ARS has been able to transform its managed-style of technical service to effectively provide technical expertise into the rapidly growing industry of self-service kiosks and digital signage. By breaking the mold of a strictly contractor-based service industry, ARS has successfully demonstrated the strengths a managed and trained technical service organization can bring to an industry that is heavily dependant on technical support for the installation of new equipment and for up-dates or repairs of older equipment.


In addition to Technical Service, ARS also manufactures a line of silver recovery products in support of the photo industry. These products, including patented products such as the Turbit® Miner and Crystal Clear™ lines of silver recovery canisters, have been established to be the industry leaders for silver recovery products in the photo industry.


The Company:


ARS Services, a newly formed company, was formerly a division of Academy Corporation. Headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, ARS’s existing staff of experienced technicians and managers is strategically located throughout the United States, along with coverage throughout Canada. The newly developing opportunity of ARS operating independently of Academy Corporation will allow and inspire a renewed focus on new business development and growth into the expanding service-support industry.


The ownership and management team for ARS Services, bring nearly 100 years of combined experience in technical support applications including resource management, product development, sales, scheduling, planning, implementation, training, and project management.