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    Slabb and ARS Services, LLC

    Las Vegas, August 16, 2013 – Slabb and ARS Services, LLC, an on-site retail services company (ARS), have decided to break with tradition and celebrate what some may consider a short relationship. Although three years is not a traditional milestone to mark, one may understand the seemingly premature celebration when looking at the history of the companies’ partnership. In 2010 ARS Services, a nationwide retail services provider began to support Slabb by providing on-site support services to Slabb’s clients. Their services include logistics, deployment, implementation and installation, reverse logistics (unit removal and warehouse restocking) maintenance and repair as well as phone support.


    One of their first projects provided kiosk support at Stoddert Elementary in Washington, D.C. This facilitated the school’s efforts to become more energy efficient – an initiative which included the installation of information kiosks in three different languages. By 2011, ARS Services started providing warehouse logistic support to Slabb, allowing them to effectively control and manage their local inventory. Since then, ARS Services has worked at over 80 project locations from San Juan, Puerto Rico to Ellis Island, for various clients including universities, casinos and correctional facilities. A predictable volume of work, that reflects a typical year for Slabb, with over 250 projects ranging from the deployment of one to five kiosks at one or two locations, to 100+ kiosks to ten or more locations. ARS Services’ support allowed Slabb to react quickly to their customers’ needs by providing effective solutions and offering alternatives when needed, making a three year partnership seem like a decade. “To many, this may not be a significant milestone, but looking back at the past 3 years we realized that ARS has worked with us on over eighty projects. I think it is not only important to acknowledge this achievement but to look to the future to see how we can further solidify our relationship and ensure continued success for both companies.” Stated Slabb’s President, Peter te Lintel Hekkert.


    Don Rosen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at ARS Services, expressed similar sentiments, “If you really think about it, we’re actually long overdue for a celebration, if we calculate the number of successfully completed projects. We should have really marked our fiftieth project together!” Don attributed the partnership’s success to the open communication between both companies, providing a clear understanding of what was needed with the main objective being client satisfaction at every job site. ARS Services also played an integral role in Slabb’s recent project with Arkansas’ Department of Community Correction.


    About SLABB, INC.


    Slabb, Inc. is a leading international manufacturer and distributor of cost effective, interactive kiosks. The company has installed and customized interactive kiosks for thousands of clients in over 150 countries and distinguishes itself from the competition by offering the latest in technological advancements including the wireless kiosk, while utilizing high quality components with designs that facilitate quick and efficient maintenance of their units.


    About ARS Services, LLC (ARS)


    ARS Services is an established, nationwide service organization with 15 years’ experience in providing reliable and quality service to the photo industry. By expanding its focus outside the traditional photo service business, ARS has been able to transform its managed-style of technical service to effectively provide expertise to the rapidly growing industry of self-service kiosks and digital signage. By breaking the mold of a strictly contractor-based service industry, ARS has successfully demonstrated the strengths a managed and trained technical service organization can bring to an industry that is heavily dependent on technical support for the installation of new equipment and for updates or repairs of older equipment.


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