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  • GFS Gravity Feed System

    GFS Gravity Feed System

    The GFS consists of a holding tank mounted on top of a silver recovery canister.
    The holding tank regulates the flow of silver bearing chemistry into the silver recovery canister to efficiently remove silver from photographic effluent.

    Installation: See photo above.

    1. Thread one of the elbows into the bottom of the GFR-2, pointing down.
    2. Thread one of the elbows into the inlet SW-2 cartridge, pointing up.
    3. Thread one of the elbows into the outlet of the SW-2, pointing down, no drain hose is provided since the GFS is designed to be installed in a sink.
    4. Stack the GFR-2 on top of the SW-2 with the elbows aligned.
    5. Connect the GFR-2 and SW-2 with the ½” id tubing, use the plastic clamps to secure them.
    6. Store the plugs and extra elbow in a safe place, the plugs will be needed to return the canister for refining.
    7. Fill the GFR-2 with tap water, let the water fill the canister overnight before adding any photo effluent.
    Suggestion: Maintain a log

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